BJTU Celebrates 120th Anniversary

On September 10, 2016, the 120th anniversary celebration of Beijing Jiaotong University was successfully held at the Tianyou Hall of BJTU. Chinese Vice Premier LIU Yandong and Mrs. YAN Junqi, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee (also the alumna of BJTU), sent congratulatory messages to BJTU for its 120th anniversary celebration. Mr. WANG Anshun, Mayor of Beijing, and Mr. DU Zhanyuan, Vice Minister of China’s Ministry of Education, attended and addressed the celebration. Mr. HE Huawu, Vice President of the China Association for Science and Technology and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. TIAN Hongqi, Vice President and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. YANG Yudong, Deputy General Manager of China Railway Corporation, Mrs. AN Limin, Leader of the Discipline Inspection Commission of China Railway Corporation, Mr. WANG Ning, Vice Mayor of Beijing, Mr. QU Zhenyuan, President of China Association of Higher Education, Mr. LIANG Jiansheng, Deputy Administrator of the State Secrecy Bureau, Mr. YU Chunxiao, Deputy Administrator of National Railway Administration, Mr. ZHANG Jie, President of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, Mr. WANG Shuguo, President of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Mr. XU Fei, President of Southwest Jiaotong University, Mr. ZHANG Maozhong, President of National Chiao Tung University, Mr. LIU Jianping, Chairman of the University Council of Tianjin University, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering MA Zhiming, WANG Mengshu, Sun Yongfu, LIU Shanghe, WU Hequan, LI Jingwen, DU Yanliang, SHEN Changxiang, CHEN Zhinan, FAN Weicheng, HONG Tao, YAO Jianquan, WENG Yuqing, XU Shoubo, GU Guobiao, QIAN Qingquan, ZENG Guangshang and FU Zhihuan, leaders from 31 foreign universities, 6 universities from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and 22 domestic universities, Embassies senior officials, daughter of MAO Yisheng, leaders from Beijing municipal government and alumni representatives were present at the 120th anniversary celebration. Mr. CAO Guoyong, Chairman of University Council, chaired the celebration. President NING Bin gave the keynote speech.