Introduction to the University Board

The board of directors of Beijing Jiaotong University is based on the principle of "equal consultation, mutual benefit, mutual support, and common development". It is a consortium formed on a voluntary basis and is composed of enterprises and institutions, industrialists from all walks of life, and well-known figures at home and abroad who are enthusiastic about Chinese higher education and caring about the construction and development of BJTU. The Board of Directors of BJTU is the bridge and link between the school and its surrounding stakeholders to establish a close and stable cooperative relationship. It is a consulting, consultation, deliberation and supervision institution that supports the development of the university. It is an important organization and institutional platform for BJTU to achieve scientific decision-making, democratic supervision, and social participation. The secretariat of the board of directors is the permanent office of the university board of directors and belongs to the office of external liaison and cooperation of BJTU.

         Since the establishment in September 1994, the university board of directors has held ten plenary meetings and four annual meetings, with 87 member units. The university board fully implements the party's educational policy, serves the country's construction and development, comprehensively strengthens the cooperation between the university and the society, expands democratic decision-making, strives for school resources, so as to comprehensively promote the sustainable development of BJTU and its board of directors. Over the past 27 years, members of the board of directors have actively created conditions for the development BJTU, discussing and deliberating on major issues in the process of university construction. The secretariat of the board of directors has carried out services such as school-enterprise scientific research matchmaking, special campus recruitment fairs, undergraduate practical activities, joint training of postgraduates, and young teachers' on-the-job training, and has cultivated many professional talents.