CAO Guoyong Met with the Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University from UK

On the afternoon of July 4, 2016, Mr. CAO Guoyong, Chairman of the University Council, met with the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mark E. Smith, the Chief Administrative Officer Prof. Nicola Owen of Lancaster University from UK. Both parties reviewed the bilateral cooperation in the past years and reached an agreement on deepening the cooperation.

On behalf of the university, CAO Guoyong extended his welcome to the delegation. He reviewed the bilateral cooperation processes of jointly establishing Lancaster University College at Beijing Jiaotong University, and hoped both parties could look far and band together to face the possible difficulties, to assure the healthy and sustainable development of the University College. Prof. Mark E. Smith appreciated the efforts BJTU had made in the establishment of the University College, and hoped both parties could maintain a dialogue with each other to solve all problems. He was confident about the future of the University College.

CAO Guoyong extended his formal invitation to Prof. Mark E. Smith to attend the 120th anniversary celebration of BJTU and the opening ceremony of Weihai Campus this September. Prof. Mark E. Smith accepted hoped the bilateral cooperation could be deepened as his visit in September.

Before the meeting, accompanied by Prof. LIU Jun, the Vice President of BJTU, the delegation visited to the School History Museum of BJTU.

The Vice President ZHANG Xingchen, LIU Jun and the principals from the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of International Affairs were present at the meeting.