The Short-term Training for Construction and Operation Officers of China-Thailand Railway Cooperation Project (2nd program) Opens

On October 26, 2015, the Opening Ceremony of the Short-term Training for Construction and Operation Officers of China-Thailand Railway Cooperation Project (2nd program) was held at the Hongguoyuan Hotel. Mr. HUANG Difu, General Manager, China Railway International Co., Ltd, China Railway Corporation, Ms. Kundhinee Aksornwong, Minister Councilor of the Embassy of Thailand in China, Mr. ZHOU Jianhuan, Director, Division of Human Resources Development, Department of Foreign Assistance, Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Vice President LIU Jun and 33 participants attended the opening ceremony.

ZHOU Yunhuan said Thailand and China are not only friendly neighbors bound by mountains and rivers, but also the members of one family. By the end of September 2015, Thailand has sent 1,188 officials and technicians to China to attend different training and exchange programs. To strengthen cooperation on railway construction has become a consensus between the Chinese and Thai governments. He expressed gratitude to China Railway Corporation and BJTU for the efforts made in this training program.

Ms. Kundhinee Aksornwong expressed gratitude to China's Ministry of Commerce, China Railway Corporation and BJTU for the hospitality and preparations of the training. She said this year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Thailand. She hoped that both sides would upgrade the bilateral relations to a new level through the railway cooperation.

HUANG Difu said in the context of the all-round strategic partnership between Thailand and China, the railway cooperation has gained momentum. The stand-gauge railway line will run through the Northeast part of Thailand and link with the China-Laos railway from Kunming to be an international corridor for the exchange between China and ASEAN countries. The railway cooperation is a whole-process and comprehensive cooperation from planning, construction and operation. And the personnel training is an important part and fundamental work of the railway cooperation. He hoped that through this program the participants would know more about the construction and experience of China’s railways and provide great technical supports for the railway construction of Thailand.


Mr. Anan Jenngamkul, Superintending Engineer of SRT, introduced the planning and construction of Thai railways. He said he was very happy to attend this training and hoped that the participants would conduct in-depth communication with the lecturers during the training and play great roles in the China-Thailand railway cooperation project when they come back to Thailand.

First, LIU Jun extended warm welcome to all the participants on behalf of the university. He said BJTU has attached great importance to this training program. According to the suggestions of participants from the 1st Session, BJTU has modified the training contents and arrangements  including the lectures, laboratory teaching, field practice and cultural visits. He hoped that through these activities, the Thai participants would get to know more about China's high-speed railway and become the messengers of cooperation and exchange between the two countries.

After the opening ceremony, Mr. HUANG Difu gave the first lecture of "China's Railway on Fast Track" to the Thai participants.

Principals from the Office of International Affairs, School of Traffic and Transportation and National Education and Service Center of Rail Transit Technology were also present at the ceremony.