Delegation Led by GUAN Zhongliang Attends the General Directors Conference of the Organization for Cooperation of Railways

From April 16th to 23rd, 2024, Vice President GUAN Zhongliang led a BJTU delegation to Turkmenistan to participate in the 38th session of the OSJD General Directors as the only university representative at the invitation of the Organization for Cooperation of Railways. Serdar Berdimuhamedov, President of Turkmenistan sent a congratulatory letter to the successful organization of the conference. Representatives of 25 national railway administrations and enterprises including China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., Russian Railways, Belarusian Railway, United Transport and Logistics Company-Eurasian Rail Alliance attended the meeting. The conference deliberated on the 2023 annual work reports of various specialized committees, discussed the 2025 and subsequent annual work outlines of OSJD and the budget of the Committee of OSJD, and released the "Ashgabat Declaration".

During the meeting, GUAN Zhongliang held conversations with Ovezov Muhammetrahym Ovezmuhammedovich, rector of the Institute of Engineering and Transport Communications of Turkmenistan, and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Orazov Gylychmammet. GUAN Zhongliang elaborated on the enrollment situation of the national government scholarship programs of our university. The two sides exchanged in depth on issues such as the cooperation in aspects of both long-term and short-term student exchanges, faculty development, and training of professional and technical personnel.

During the stay, the delegation visited the Chinese Embassy in Turkmenistan. GUAN Zhongliang met with Ambassador QIAN Naicheng to discuss cooperation between our university and Turkmenistan in areas such as foreign aid training programs. GUAN Zhongliang also exchanged views with our alumni in Turkmenistan, gaining a detailed understanding of the work and life conditions of international students after graduation and encouraged them to utilize their acquired professional knowledge to better serve bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the field of transportation.


During the visit, the delegation led by GUAN Zhongliang visited Mongolia, paying visits to the Ministry of Transport Development of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar Railway Bureau, and Ulaanbaatar Institute of Railways.


GUAN Zhongliang held talks with State Secretary-General of MongoliaBATBOLD SANDAGDORJ. It was pointed out that the two sides have achieved a series of results in the field of talent cultivation in rail transit in recent years. They hoped to maintain close communication and exchanges and to jointly provide talent support for the development of Mongolia's transportation industry, especially for railway construction.

At Ulaanbaatar Railway Bureau, GUAN Zhongliang had discussions with ENKHTSOGT Nyamjav, Deputy Chairman in charge of administration issue, of Ulaanbaatar Railway. GUAN Zhongliang noted that over the past 2 decades of cooperation, BJTU has cultivated many excellent graduates for the Ulaanbaatar Railway Bureau who have now become the bridge for railway cooperation between China and Mongolia. He hoped that both sides would strengthen future cooperation and cultivate more excellent talents through various programs such as double-degree education, short-term training, student exchanges, etc.


At Transportation Institute of Mongolia, GUAN Zhongliang met with Vice President

Sandag Galbadrakh. Both parties expressed their intention to strengthen cooperation in areas such as short-term and long-term professional technical training, collaborative research, and student development, with aim to cultivate interdisciplinary technical talents familiar with railway technologies and well-versed in both cultures.