Delegation from Petersburg State Transport University, Russia Visited BJTU

On the morning of October 15, 2014, President NING Bin met with Mr. Panychev Alexander, Rector of Petersburg State Transport University (PSTU), Russia along with Mr. Lizunov Aleksei, Head of International Relations Development Section at PSTU and Mr. FENG Yaowu, President of the International Association Europe and Asia.

NING Bin on behalf of the University welcomed the friends to visit BJTU again and congratulated on the successful hosting of the “1st Forum of Transport Universities of Russia and China” in St. Petersburg, Russia this May. NING said Chinese Premier LI Keqiang has reached a couple of important consensuses including over 50 cooperative agreements on high-speed railway with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of Russia during the recent 19th China-Russia Prime Ministers’ Regular Meeting, which provided a good opportunity and a new platform for Petersburg State Transport University and BJTU to conduct cooperation on rail transit. NING hoped that both sides would take this opportunity to promote the establishment of the Railway Institute in Petersburg State Transport University, carry out joint-running programs in China, jointly prepare for the “2nd Forum of Transport Universities of Russia and China” and enhance friendly exchange through the cooperation in education.

Mr. Panychev Alexander said this visit would break new ground for bilateral cooperation and exchange. The 19th China-Russia Prime Ministers’ Regular Meeting in Russia has laid a path for the future cooperation between BJTU and Petersburg State Transport University. He expressed that PSTU attached great importance to the above-mentioned three cooperative fields, striving for the support of the Russian government and advancing the cooperation process. He also invited President NING Bin to visit Petersburg State Transport University at a convenient time.

Assistant President XU Yugong discussed cooperation details with representatives from Petersburg State Transport University and clarified the specific implementation plans of bilateral cooperation for the next step. After the meeting, the delegation also visited the Museum of BJTU History and spoke highly of the compiling work of the university history.

Principals from the Office of International Affairs were also present at the meeting.