Delegation from KU Leuven, Belgium Signed MoU with BJTU

On October 12, 2014, President NING Bin met with the delegation from the Engineering College of KU Leuven, Belgium led by Mr. Johan De Graeve, President-CEO of GROUP T-Academy at Siyuan Building.

NING Bin extended welcome to the friends on behalf of BJTU. He spoke highly of the results both sides have achieved over the past 15 years on talents cultivation and the construction of Confucius Institute. Based on a solid foundation and taking the chance when GROUP-T merged into KU Leuven, he expected to further expand and deepen mutual cooperation on talents cultivation and the construction of Confucius Institute on cultural exchanges with KU Leuven.

Mr. Johan De Graeve gave more details about the merging. He expressed thanks to BJTU’s strong support and expected to carry out broader cooperation with BJTU on joint education programs and cultivation of innovative talents. Meanwhile, he discussed about future possible fields of bilateral cooperation and expected to conduct cooperation in various forms and aspects with BJTU.

Mr. Frank Baert, Assistant President of KU Leuven expressed gratitude to BJTU, on behalf of President of KU Leuven, for the efforts and achievements we have made in the development of bilateral cooperation between BJTU and GROUP-T. He said KU Leuven would be willing to further conduct cooperation with BJTU on talents cultivation and joint education programs and explored more potential areas in faculty exchanges and scientific research.

Vice President CHEN Feng responded positively to Mr. Frank Baert’s suggestions on joint education programs and elaborated on the laws and policies of the Ministry of Education on jointly-running institute to the guests. He welcomed KU Leuven to participate in the construction of Weihai International College and suggested both sides focus on the establishment of the Joint committee and preparation work for the joint- institute so as to supervise and fuel the application process.

After discussion, NING Bin and Mr. Johan De Graeve, authorized representative of President of KU Leuven signed the MoU between BJTU and KU Leuven, which marked the new beginning of our future cooperation.

Principals from KU Leuven, BJTU Assistant President XU Yugong and principal from the Office of International Affairs were also present at the meeting.

On October 11, the delegation also visited Weihai International College accompanied by Assistant President XU Yugong.