Technological Works of Postgraduates of BJTU Exhibited in National Science and Technology Week

From May 17 to 24, the 2014 Beijing Science and Technology Week (the National Science and Technology Week) was held in the new part of the National Agriculture Exhibition Center in Beijing. This exhibition was themed by "living an innovative life to fulfill your dream" with more than 450 scientific and technological achievements and projects on display. The “geometric robots”, works of postgraduates supervised by Prof. YAO Yan’an, from School of Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering, attracted primary and middle school students’ and their parents’ attention.

Theexhibited BJTU postgraduates technological works includedmore than 10 geometric robots, such ashexagonalrobot,six-angular snowflake robot, eight-angularsnowflakerobot, biped walking robot, Watteven robot, triangularbipyramidal robot, mechanical horse, modular mobile robot, triangular robot, RCCR walking robot. Visitors all showed greatinterest in "geometric robots”and asked many relevant questions abouttheir mechanism motion principles and changing patterns.The BJTU students answered to the questions in detail. The students not only gave demonstrations to the audiences, but also interacted with them so as to make them feel the charm of the “geometric robots”through hands-on experiences.