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SHI Zhenjun

Born in February 1976 at Wafangdian, Liaoning Province, Prof. SHI Zhenjun joined the The Communist Party of China in February 1995 and launched his career in July 1999 when he graduated with an undergraduate degree majoring in Computer Software from Northern Jiaotong University. July 2010, he obtained a MSE degree in Computer Science and Technology while working at Beijing Jiaotong University. During his time at the University, Prof. SHI Zhenjun has taken on professional positions successively as Student Counselor of School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Student Counselor and Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of School of Computer and Information Technology, Cadre, Deputy Director and Director of the Office of Student Affairs, Executive Head of the Party Committee Organization Department and Vice President of the Party School (Department Level Cadre). Prof. SHI Zhenjun is currently the Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee, Head of the Party Committee Organization Department and the United Front Work Department of Beijing Jiaotong University.