National Engineering Research Center of Rail Transportation Operation and Control System

National Engineering Research Center of Rail Transportation Operation and Control System was built up at the end of December 2008, which was invested by Beijing Jiaotong University jointing China Railway Signal & Communication Corp and China Academy of Railway Sciences. The Center is managed by National Development and Reform Commission, China Railway Corporation and Ministry of Education. For train control systems of high speed railway, urban rail transit and magnetic suspended railway, the Center takes up the following strategic missions:
To fulfill the requirement of safe and efficient operation for rail transit system, the Center carries the research on the key common technology and integration of systems, and accelerates innovations to be engineered and industrial. The Center involves in making and perfecting the national standards for operation control system. The Center establishes the appropriate comprehensive testing and verification platform. The Center continuously provides the industry with sophisticated technology and equipment to improve the competitiveness of our national control system, and forms the key technology chain to meet the development needs of rail transit system in China, and builds a base for training engineer and manager with high level, high-quality, innovative ability.


The researchers in the Center are teamed with the Train Control and Safety research group from the State Key Laboratory. They undertake numbers of major national projects, such as “863” projects and “973” projects. These projects mainly focus on key technology of high speed railway, urban rail transit and magnet suspension railway.

The project “Key technology and its applications of Communication-Based Train Control System for urban rail transit”, which is in charged by Prof. Bin Ning, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2012 and the first prize of Beijing Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2011.

The construction of Engineering Center depends on the three national key disciplines of "Traffic Information Engineering and Control", "Information and Communication Engineering" and "Electronic Science and Technology". We set up five research areas: Urban Rail Transit Train Operation Control System Research, High Speed Railway Train Operation Control System Research, Maglev Transportation Train Operation Control System Research, Key Techniques of High-Speed Railway Movement Communication as well as the TrainOperation Control System EMCResearch.

The Engineering Center is located at the Science and Technology Building (F4 -7),BJTU, covering an area of 12000 square meters with the total assets of over 47 million RMB.

The main representative results are as follows:

  • Key technology research and the transformation in its achievements on Train operation control system for urban rail transit

  • Testing technology and its application on CTCS-3 train control system interoperability

  • High-speed maglev train operation control system

  • Annually, the Center and the State Key Laboratory jointly organize or co-organize one or two international conferences, which are related to train operation control systems.

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