State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety

The State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety currently is the only one in the field of rail traffic in China. It was formally approved in May, 2006 by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and successfully got through the acceptance in June 2010.

Positioning and Objective
The establishment of the laboratory is closely associated with the long-term development and practical needs of China’s rail transit. We adhere to the research idea of “integrating the research background to conduct applied basic theory research and combining with the actual demands to form key technologies”, stick to the principle of”striving to make innovative research and technological breakthroughs to promote industrial development”, carry out innovative applied fundamental theory research of rail traffic control and safety on rail transit transportation organization, operation control, safety and information transmission, which facilitate the formation of the System of Rail Traffic Control and Safety Key Technologies and Equipments that suitable to the national conditions and with self-owned intellectual property, It also aims to establish the world-leading research base of applied fundamental theory and work in the field of rail transit and provide platform for the original innovation, integrated innovation and secondary innovation of China’s rail traffic control and safety as well as the cultivation of high-level talents.

Relied Disciplines 

The laboratory conducts work relying on the three national-level key disciplines of “Transportation Planning and Management”, “Traffic Information Engineering and Control,” “Communication and Information System” and the first-level discipline of “System Science” which ranks No.1 in China. 

Research Environment 

The laboratory is located from 8th floor to the 13th floor, Si Yuan Building of Beijing Jiaotong University, occupying an area of 6800 square meters. The total value of existing equipment is 8284 million Yuan, of which, there are 8 sets of equipment worth in excess of one million Yuan.
The laboratory relies on two state-level key subjects and one first-rank subject.
The laboratory conducts work relying on the “Transportation Planning and Management”, “Traffic Information Engineering and Control,” “Communication and Information System” all of them are state-level key disciplines and “systematic science” ranks the first in the national assessment.

Experiment Platform

High Speed Transportation Organization and Operation Control Comprehensive Study Platform

The platform is currently the most complete feature set in the domestic, which covers the researching, developing, evaluation and testing of the whole process of high speed transportation organization and operation Control. The platform mainly includes network-based data center, transportation demand forecasting, network capacity assessment and configuration, passenger train scheme generation and evaluation, operational scheme drawing-up and adjustment, the transport organization and emergency command platform under special operating conditions, simulation and test platform of high-speed railway operation control, and evaluation platform for driving and human factor. The platform is the powerful supporting environment for core technology research on rail traffic organization and operation control in China.

Rail Transport Safety Monitoring, Early Warning and Emergency Response Experiment Simulation Platform
The platform is oriented towards the whole acquisition, transmission, exchange and sharing process, integration and visual expression of the relevant safety status of train operation. It studies the integrated processing and control of multi-dimensional heterogeneous security information to achieve monitoring, early warning and emergency response of rail transport safety.


High Speed Train Control System Testing Platform
To meet with interoperability requirements of High speed train control system, this platform concentrates on system testing case and sequence generation, and researches on automated testing technology and specification. In future it will realize the third-party interoperable testing certification on critical signal equipments of Radio Block Center, Trainborne Equipment and Balise.


CBTC Simulation and Testing Platform
To orient the hardware-in-loop simulation of CBTC, build up visual environment of line and train operation for systematic scheme study and integration test.

Test and verification platform for CBTC safety information transmission
Combined with the needs in information transmission in CBTC system, build up test and analysis environment for backbone network, access network and transmission medium between train and trackside in urban rail transit operation control system.

The experimental platform for digital mobile communication system
Based on China’s first experimental network of digital mobile communication system for railway, research platform for GSM-R application development, the network monitoring platform for GSM-R interface detection and data analysis are developed.


Wireless channel for high-speed railway & simulation platform for wireless interference
It simulates radio wave propagation and interference in high-speed railway, and provides hardware-in-loop simulation environment for the basic theory and key techniques research for wave propagation, signal processing, and interference analysis under high-speed railway environment.