The 14th International Symposium on Structural Engineering (ISSE-14)

Undertaken by BJTU, The 14th International Symposium on Structural Engineering was hole solemnly in Beijing from 12th to 15th in October 2016. With the joint effort of Dalian University of Technology and Beijing University of Technology, ISSE-14 was hosted by National Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Zhang Qingshan from civil engineering institute of BJTU was in the chair of scholarship committee. Yang Na is the chairman of organizing committee. Our vice president Chen Feng was present by invitation and delivered an excellent address. More than 450 students, teachers, scholars and experts attended the meeting. They are from universities and research institutes from Japan, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The topics of ISSE-14 included: smart material & structure, structural control & protection against and mitigation of earthquake disasters, structural analysis & integrity, structure identification & condition assessment & field investigation, seismic analysis & shock absorption, structural design, structure and management, structural health monitoring & sensor technology, reciprocity between subsurface structure and soil structure, structure rehabilitation & strengthening, Structural Wind Engineering and its observation.