Nano-materials and Technology

I. Length of Schooling
Standard period: 4 years
During the above period, students will spend the first, the second and the fourth years at Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), and the third year at University of Waterloo (UW), Canada.
Allowed period: 3-6 years.

II. Degree
This program is a joint “2+1+1” dual degree undergraduate program between BJTU and UW. Students who fulfill the requirements of both universities may receive following degrees:
Bachelors’ Degree of Engineering (BEng) in Nano-materials and Technology (NMT) at BJTU
Bachelors’ Degree of Science (BSc) in Materials and Nanoscience at UW

III. Program Objectives
The joint Nano-materials and Technology program commits to cultivating students with broad knowledge in chemistry, physics, and biology, strong ability of practice and innovation, and international horizon in the concerned high-tech fields. Accordingly, this scheme is to combine class learning with learning in all other situations, knowledge delivery with capability training, and teaching with research. In the earlier stage, this program pivots on basic courses of mathematics, physics, chemistry and English. Then it complements with high-tech illustrations and experiments to help students to get in touch with edge research outcomes and further develop their theoretical background, research ability, science commitment and innovation motive.
In conclusion, this program is designed for students who are interested in high-tech materials and nanotechnology, and enduing them with comprehensive capability to meet the needs of scientific trend in China and the world.

IV. Curriculum System