Traffic and Transportation (Railway Transportation)

 I. Length of Schooling
Standard: 4 Years
Minimum: 3Years
Maximum: 6 Years

II. Degree
Bachelor of Engineering

III. Program Objectives
Students are expected to be trained as talented persons with international competitiveness and potential in leading the development of railway transportation science, technology and management. The objectives of training include legal compliance, health personality, outstanding individual character, traffic and transportation background and railway transportation feature. The students are expected to meet the demand of railway transportation, get generous foundations, broadened vision, huge development potential, high innovative awareness, outstanding engineering quality and excellent comprehensive qualities. Students are expected to master basic theory of traffic and transportation, specialized knowledge and key technology in the fields of railway transportation demand investigation, network plan and design, transportation resource assignment, and operation management and control.
Expectation of being the business mainstays in the institution related to their major specialties about five years after graduation.

IV. Curriculum System