Rail Traffic Signaling and Control

I. Length of Schooling
Standard: four years on a full time basis Completion Time limits: three to six years

II. Degree
Bachelor of Engineering

III. Program Objectives
Graduates majoring in Rail Traffic Signaling and Control should
1. be physically and mentally healthy individuals with a deep awareness of ethical responsibilities and dedication to profession and to society, besides a scientific, prudent and truth-seeking learning attitude and professional conduct.
2. have a disciplinary background of Rail Traffic Signaling and Control, master the theories of rail traffic system, grasp the basic knowledge, skills and methodologies in rail traffic signaling engineering, and gain familiarity with the development trend and application prospect of the discipline.
3. master a foreign language so as to be able read professional literature smoothly.
4. be rigorously trained in scientific thinking and scientific experiments so as to be able to analyze and solve scientific and engineering problems.
5. be able to independently take on engineering design, engineering implementation, scientific research, technology development and technology management in the field of rail traffic railway signaling engineering.

IV. Curriculum System