Opto-electronic Information Science and Engineering

I. Length of Schooling
The standard length of schooling: 4 years; the acceptable length of schooling: 3-6 years.

II. Degree
Bachelor of Science.

III. Program Objectives
Aiming at cultivating talents with ideological ethic, professional dedication, a sense of social responsibility, and good psychological qualities, this program will enable students to be solidly grounded in mathematics and physics, get familiar with electronic technology and computer technology, gain a systematic master of specialized knowledge, and thus be capable of practice and research in Opto-electronic Information Science and Engineering. Upon graduation, students are expected to work at research centers, colleges or high-tech enterprises in the area of optical information engineering, optoelectronic engineering and optical communication. They can research, design and develop the integrated system and undertake further study in information science and technology.
Upon completion of the program, students will have acquired the following skills and knowledge:
1) Have a good understanding of mathematics and physics, a solid grounding in humanities, arts, social science and ability of effectively communicating with others both orally and in writing.
2) Have a good command of a foreign language, good at reading, speaking and writing;
3) Master the wide-ranged theoretical knowledge as basis needed in their professional careers.
4) Have good skills in analysis, design and development of photoelectric information systems, capable of practical work.
5) Be familiar with 1 or 2 professional branches in the areas of photoelectric information; be able to follow the academic frontier and the development tendency.
6) Acquire computer-related knowledge and enough computer application skills; be good at using the computer to solve technical and engineering problems.
7) Master the methods of literature indexing, file retrieving; be familiar with the national information industry policies and the laws and regulations of intellectual property rights; have a strong ability in self-learning, analyzing and innovating.

IV. Curriculum System