I. Length of Schooling
Standard Length of Schooling: 4 years; Flexible period of schooling: 3-6 years; Specialty core course period: 1 and a half years.

II. Degree
Bachelor of Management

III. Program Objectives
Specialty of Marketing shall comply with the cultivation target of the Undergraduate Program for Economics and Management to foster the students to considerably gain the humanistic qualities and scientific literacy, strongly supported by the Math and English proficiency so that they can develop into the senior professional talents of marketing with the comparatively strong sustainable development potential and the social adaptability to facilitate them to have the in-depth command of the basic professional theories and the management practices and skills of business administration, have the comparatively stronger professional knowledge, thinking, capacities and qualities of business administration, effectively conduct the corporate strategic analysis from the international perspective, efficiently engage in the studies of the operational system, the formulation and execution of the management strategies and the organizational and human resources management and the IT business operation and organizational management, etc.

IV. Curriculum System