Logistics Engineering

 I. Length of Schooling
Standard: 4 Years
Minimum: 3Years
Maximum: 6 Years

II. Degree
Bachelor of Engineering

III. Objectives of Program Development
Facing up to the needs of the development in the transportation and logistics industries, this specialty cultivates the top engineering talents who not only have healthy personalities, outstanding individual characteristics, solid theory foundations, open minds, great development potentialities, strong senses of innovation, outstanding engineering qualities and excellent comprehensive qualities, but also can master the basic theories, specialized knowledge and key technologies of logistics demand survey and analysis, system planning and design, resources allocation and construction and operation management and control, understand the development trends of the disciplines and industries, and have the leading potentiality and international competitiveness in the fields of logistics science, technology and management.
Expectation of being the business mainstays in the institution related to their major specialties about five years after graduation.

IV. Curriculum System