Labor and Social Security

 I. Length of Schooling
Standard Length of Schooling: 4 years; Flexible period of schooling: 3-6 years; Specialty core course period: 1 and a half years.

II. Degree
Bachelor of Management

III. Program Objectives
Specialty of Labor and Social Security shall comply with the cultivation targets of the Undergraduate Program for Economics and Management to satisfy the demand for the socialist market economy and the modern construction and the all-round development in respect of moral qualities, intellectual ability, physical fitness and aesthetic appreciation so that the students are fully acquainted with theories and practices of the labor and social security with the well-grounded professional knowledge and a good command of the national laws and regulations related to the labor and social security coupled with the full understanding of the history, current situation and development trend of the labor and social security systems at home and abroad as well as a good mastery of the work skills and methods for the labor and social security, and that they efficiently engage in the management work in the labor and social security administrative departments, policy research and consultation institutions, public institutions, non-profit organizations and large and medium-size enterprises of all types, particularly in terms of the labor economy, human resources management and social security and so forth, after graduation.

IV. Curriculum System