Information Management and Information System

I. Length of Schooling
Standard Length of Schooling: 4 years; Flexible period of schooling: 3-6 years; Specialty core course period: 1 and a half years.

II. Degree
Bachelor of Management

III. Program Objectives
The undergraduates under Information Management and Information System shall be cultivated into talents gaining the all-round development in their moral qualities, intellectual ability, physical fitness and aesthetic appreciation, with the humanistic and scientific cultivation and attainments, the solid Math and English rudiments, a broad command of the basic theories and methods of the specialty of information management so as to adapt themselves to the demand of the 21st socioeconomic development, have the stronger modern management theoretical foundations and the computer application technology and capacity, master the modern information science theories and technical methods coupled with the strong capacities to analyze, design, implement and evaluate the information system to develop themselves into the senior interdisciplinary professional talents proficient in the computer information processing technology and economic and management knowledge.

IV. Curriculum System