I. Length of Schooling
Standard Length of Schooling: 4 years; Flexible period of schooling: 3-6 years; Specialty core course period: 1 and a half years.

II. Degree
Bachelor of Economics

III. Program Objectives
Specialty of Finance gives top priority to the cultivation of the healthy personality, outstanding personality, well-structured knowledge foundation, broad vision, huge development potential and strong creative awareness and the comparatively higher ideological, moral, cultural attainments, the stronger learning and exchange capacities, solid foreign language proficiency and math and computer and the well-grounded economics and management theoretical knowledge, strongly supported by the professional and practical operational capacity so that they can have the better command of the mainstream knowledge and skills in economics and finance and can engage in the relevant professional operation and the management work and can also gain further academic pursuit or engage in the work in the financial field as the senior professional talents.

IV. Curriculum System