English Language

 I. Length of Schooling
The normal length of time required to complete the program is 4 years of full-time study. The minimal length is 3 years and the maximal length is 6 years.

II. Degree
Bachelor of Arts

III. Program Objectives
The program aims to train advanced talents with basic knowledge, theories and skills in English language, strong in practical competence, with broad range of knowledge and integrated expertise, as well as a strong sense of innovation. It also requires the all-round development with cultural and moral integrity, adaptable to the need of future career.
The English Language & Literature program aims to develop specialized talents with high competence in English language, with basic knowledge of English literature and linguistics, as well as fluent second foreign languages. The orientation leads to the positions in management of international affairs, teaching and researching of language and linguistics, and practical translating.
The English Language and International Trade program aims to foster specialized graduates with high proficiency in English, with basic knowledge of international trade, engaging in independent international business activities such as negotiations and correspondence processing.
The English-Chinese Translating & Interpreting program aims to train qualified personnel capable of performing multi-domain translating work, with strong proficiency in English language and intercultural communicative competence, as well as Chinese-English translating theories and skills, and wide range of knowledge of culture.

IV. Curriculum System