Engineering Mechanics

 I. Length of Schooling
The standard length of schooling: 4 years; the acceptable length of schooling: 3-6 years.

II. Degree
Bachelor of Science.

III. Program Objectives
The Program undertakes the responsibility of educating its citizens with high moral culture, humanistic quality which meets the needs of economic development. In term of academic mission, the students of Engineering Mechanics are supposed to be equipped with practical skills and creativity. To be specific, they ought to have qualified theoretic mathematical background, understand real situation of engineering, learn to solve problems in engineering with mathematical methods, acquire scientific basis for engineering technology and engineering design and practice, and be able to solve real problems with the above knowledge and skills. After intensive study in this program, the graduates are supposed to become qualified researchers, scientists, and senior engineers who are capable of working in every engineering area related with mechanics (such as civil engineering, mechanics, aerospace and space aviation, transportation engineering and energy engineering) .

IV. Curriculum System