I. Length of Schooling
Standard length of Schooling: 4 years; Flexible period of schooling: 3-6 years; Specialty core course period: 1 and a half years.

II. Degree
Bachelor of Economics

III. Program Objectives
Specialty of Economics complies with the cultivation target of the Undergraduate Program for Economics and Management, relies on the national key disciplinary advantages of the industrial economics and the national Economics featured specialty, highlights the features of the traffic and transportation industries, to cultivate the high-caliber professional talents highly imbued with humanistic and scientific qualities, the profound command of the professional theories and methods of Economics, the better learning and exchange capacities, the solid foreign language, Math and computer rudiments, well-structured economic and management theatrical foundations, the stronger professional practical operational capacities so that they can be fully qualified to engage in the practical operations and management and the further research in the relevant scientific fields with the science and engineering knowledge and traffic and transportation economic features.

IV. Curriculum System