Computer Science and Technology

I. Length of Schooling
Standard length: 4 years; Time duration of schooling: 3 – 6 years

II. Degree
Bachelor of Engineering

III. Program Objectives
The specialty is a combination major of computer science theory and technology applications. It trains all-round development of students. Students will have high ethical cultural enrichment, good communication skills, expression and writing skills and learning ability. Students will have a strong foreign language ability and a solid theoretic foundation, including knowledge of mathematics and electronics. et al.. What’s more, students will master the basic theory and modern technology of computer system and applications. At the same time they will have strong practical ability, sense of innovation and spirit of teamwork. After graduation, students may come to senior specialized professionals with potential to develop and social adaptability who are able to do work in many areas, including research on the level of both computer system and applications, system development, technology applications, systems integration and teaching or management.

IV. Curriculum System