14L181Q Signals and Systems

(3 credits, 48 hours; basic specialized course /compulsory course; applicable majors: communication engineering, automation, railway signal, electronic science and technology; prerequisite courses: advanced mathematics, engineering mathematics, circuit analysis)
This is one of compulsory courses for second-year undergraduates who major in electronic and information.
The goal of this course is to help undergraduates build a solid basis of principles and methods of signals and systems, learn analysis methods of time domain and transform domain, understand the basic contents, properties and applications of different transforms. Especially, the concepts of frequency domain analysis and system function will help students lay a solid foundation for the study of follow-up courses. By learning of this course, undergraduates can cultivate the ability of analyzing/solving problems, independent learning, and have innovative spirits.
This course mainly includes introduction to signals and systems, signal time-domain analysis, system time-domain analysis, signal frequency-domain analysis, system frequency-domain analysis, continuous signal and system complex frequency domain analysis, discrete signal and system z-domain analysis, system state variables analysis, and their applications.