14L185Q Digital Electronics Technology

(3 Credits, 48 Hours; Course Category: Specialized Basic Course/; Specialty: Communication Engineering, Automation, Railway Signal, Electronic Science and Technology; Prerequisite: Circuit Analysis, Analog Electronic Technology)
This course introduces the basic concepts, basic theories and analysis and synthesis method of digital electronic technology from three aspects - engineering technology, systems integration and research method. We will try our best to deepen students’ understanding of relevant theories, improve their ability to analyze and evaluate digital circuits and systems. Students successfully completing this course will master the methods of constructing an electronic system using new technology, standard digital integrated circuit and high density programmable logic devices. Through this course, we will cultivate students’ engineering practice ability of discovering, solving and evaluating questions. This course will lay a solid ground for students’ further study of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) Systems
The main contents of this course include basic knowledge of logic algebras; digital coding; integrated logical gates; operating principles and applications of standard digital integrated circuit; working principles and applications of integrated ADC and DAC; operating principles and applications of large scale integrated digital circuit and programmable logic devices; analysis, design and application of digital circuit and system.