14L182Q Analog Electronics Technology

(3 Credits,48 Hours;Course Category: Specialized Basic Course; Specialty: Communication Engineering, Automatic, Railway Signal, Electronic Science and Technology; Prerequisite: Advanced Mathematics, College Physics, Electric Circuit Analysis)
From the engineering technology, systems integration, and research methods, this course will introduce the basic concepts, analysis and synthesis methods of analog electronic technology. Through the study of this course, to deepen the profound understanding of the students to the relevant theory, and make the students have the ability to analyze and evaluate analog circuit and system, construct the analog electronic system by using new technologies, standard integrated analog devices, and find, solve, and evaluate problems, which is helpful for further courses’ study.
The main contents include semiconductor diode, the basic concepts and working principle of bipolar junction transistor, differential amplifier, small-signal amplifier, power amplifier and current source, the working principle, frequency response and feedback characteristics of operational amplifier, various application circuits of Op-Amp, various cycle signal generators, and DC power supply.