14L184Q Electromagnetic Field and Magnetic Waves

(3 Credits, 48 Hours; Course Category: Specialized Major Course; Specialty: Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology; Prerequisite: Advanced Mathematics, College Physics, Circuits Analysis)
This course is the specialized major course for the undergraduates of communication engineering and electronic science and technology, the course closely combines theory with practice. Students successfully completing this course will be able to grasp the theoretical system of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic waves, master the analysis and calculation of static and time-varying fields, acquire the correct understanding of the electromagnetic field distribution and propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves, and improve their capacities of independent learning and exploration.
This course is organized into 3 parts: vector analysis, static fields and the time-varying fields. Vector analysis is the mathematical basis of this course. The content of static fields includes the fundamental equations and boundary conditions of electrostatic fields, steady electric currents and static magnetic fields, polarization and magnetization characteristics of a dielectric, solving methods of capacitance and inductance, method of separation variables and method of images. The content of time-varying fields includes the basic laws of time-varying electromagnetic fields, Maxwell’s equations and boundary conditions of time-varying field, Poynting theorem, propagation characteristics of a uniform plane wave and a guided wave.