10L302Q Fundamentals of Wireless Communications

(3 Credits, 48 Hours; Course Category: Specialized Course/Compulsory; Specialty: Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Control Engineering; Prerequisite: Theory of Information, Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave, Antenna and Radio Propagation, and basic background in Calculus and Probability Theory.)
This course provides an introduction to today's wireless communications. It serves as a specialized course designed for the 3rd year undergraduate students. The aim of the course is to introduce basic concepts, key techniques and traditional systems of wireless communications.
Topics covered in this course include: introduction to wireless communications, propagation mechanisms of wireless channels, description and characterization of narrowband and wideband channels, channel capacity, digital modulation and demodulation, channel coding, diversity, equalization, multiple carriers modulation and multi-antenna systems and space-time coding.
On the completion of the course, students are supposed to understand the general principle of wireless communication systems, and grape the design and implementation in wireless communication systems. The course would be beneficial particularly to students who are interested in doing research in related to communications fields.