20L179Q Mechanical Design

(3 Credits,48 Hours;Course Category: Specialty Basic Course;Specialty: Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Engineering;Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing (A), Engineering Materials, Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Mechanics of Materials, Theoretical Mechanics, Theory of Machines and Mechanisms)
Machinery design is a specialty basic/ major course of mechanism-based majors and a design-oriented course that mainly deals with design of general machinery elements. Students are expected to design a feasible machinery element or a simple mechanism based on theoretical and practical knowledge and specific working conditions, which lays a foundation for subsequent learning and mechanical design. This course serves as a bridge between fundamental theoretical courses and professional practical courses.
The main contents include: methods and principles of mechanical design, strength of machine elements, tribology (friction, wear and lubrication), general connection methods, common transmission parts, bearings, couplings and clutches, shafts and mechanical spring etc.