20L738Q Technical Writing

(2 Credits; 32 Hours; Specialty Basic Course/ Elective Course; Applied Major:ME Internationalization Program; Prerequisite: College English)
Technical writing is very important for engineering students in their later careers. When engineers work in an international company or a research institution, they will encounter a lot of technical content which is written in English language. Additionally, if engineers work in a scientific field, they have to adequately document and publish their scientific achievements in English in order to get international acknowledgement.
The objective of this course is to give an introduction into ways of presenting and documenting technical or scientific content in written form using the English language. The written documents include PowerPoint presentations and technical publications (papers).
Students will learn how to describe, explain and present technical things or processes in a logical and understandable way using the English language. In class the students will be practicing teamwork by discussing technical content in small groups. Furthermore, the students will learn and practice to prepare and give a PowerPoint presentation on a technical topic. Moreover, the students will learn the basics of scientific publishing and how to write a scientific paper. After having studied this course the students are provided with the necessary knowledge to present and document technical or scientific content in English.