20L162Q Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

(4 Credits, 64 Hours; Course Category: Specialty Basic Course; Specialty: Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Engineering; Prerequisite: Calculus (B), University Physics(A), Theoretical Mechanics, Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing(A), Fundamentals of Computers)
Theory of Machines and Mechanisms is a core technological course for students majoring mechanical engineering, which plays an important role in education for knowledge, ability and all-round development. The course presents the basic concepts, principles and skills involved in kinematics and dynamics of machinery. Students are expected to master the basic analysis and synthesis method of mechanism and have the ability of mechanism system design, thus laying the foundation for the machine design, innovation and product development.
Taking the content of analysis and design of mechanism, kinematics of mechanisms and dynamics of machinery as a main clue, the course focuses on theory of mechanisms and machines, covering structural analysis of mechanism, kinematics of mechanisms, motion analysis and force analysis of planar mechanisms, synthesis of planar linkages, cams, gear and gear trains, and intermittent mechanisms, and design of mechanism system.