20L637Q Fluid Mechanics

(3 Credits,48 Hours;Course Category: Professional Basic Course/Professional Core Course;Specialty: Energy and Power Engineering;Prerequisites: Advanced Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics, General Physics, Theoretical Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics)
This course is an important professional basic and core course for undergraduates majoring in Energy and Power Engineering. Through a variety of teaching methods, this course enables students to master the basic concepts of fluid mechanics and the basic theories and methods of computation, which lays the foundation for future professional knowledge learning, work and scientific research. The main tasks of the course are to enable students to understand the basic concepts and description manner and characteristics of fluid mechanics, and master flow analysis methods and basic computing. By strengthening the training of classroom teaching, the course will focus on training students to identify and analyze problems and to improve problem-solving skills, so that students can master the basic theories to guide practical work in the face of practical engineering and scientific problems.
The course includes the basic considerations of fluid mechanics, fluid statics, fluids in motion, the fundamental laws, dimensional analysis and similitude, and internal and external flows.