20L737Q Cultural Dimensions in Global Business

(2 Credits; 32 Hours; Specialty Basic Course/Elective Course; Specialty: International Class in Mechanical Engineering; Prerequisites: None)
This course is opened for the sake of international class training program. It has been developed to help students build cultural insight and intelligence and improve abilities to multicultural and international business communications. Culture is about human expression: the way people think, feel, and act. It involves the behavior, beliefs and practices of individuals and their communities. This means it does not only affect us in a social context but helps explain many of our international business practices and behaviors.
This course is on the background of globalized business environment and the international operations of transnational corporations. It will introduce cultural dimension theory; analyze effect of cultural values on human behavior and business activities. Its main objectives are: 1) Understanding how cultural value orientations impact ours and others behavior; 2) Function more effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds; 3) Developing strategies for dealing with cultural challenges; 4) Developing cultural competencies; 5) Improve awareness of management approaches that can help better explain the unpredictable and complex realities of dealing across cultures.