20L164Q Automatic Measurement Technology

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Course Category: elective; Specialty: Measurement and Control Technology & Instruments; Prerequisite: Single-chip microcomputer principle and interface technology, Fundamentals of Electric Circuit Theory)
This course is an essential course for measurement technology. Students will learn about principles of sensors, signal based-circuit, signal analysis, microcomputer principles. They will also learn about how to build automatic measurement system with common mechanical and thermal parameters. This course covers practical knowledge including sensor technology, signal processing technology, computer technology and mutual penetration as well as specific examples of automatic measurement system.
This course is divided into four parts: basic concepts about measurement technology, basic properties of measurement system, measurement signals analysis, design of measurement system for mechanical parameters(such as stress and stain, displacement, velocity, pressure, flow rate and temperature).
Students are expected to master the methods of designing measurement system in terms of the mechanical parameters, know how to choose the proper transducers to produce measurement system that can measure the parameters with adequate accuracy. Students are trained not only in theory and but also in practice to improve computer application competency and engineering practice ability.