20L503Q Heat Transfer

(2 Credits,32 Hours;Course Category: Specialty Elective Course;Specialty: Mechanical Engineering;Prerequisites: Engineering Thermodynamics, Engineering Hydrodynamics)
Heat Transfer is a main specialty course for undergraduates majoring in the Mechanical Engineering. The purposes of the course are to make students learn the fundamental concepts, theories and calculation of heat transfer by different teaching sections, and to supply students with the essential academic knowledge and technical abilities to learn professional courses and undertake professional work and scientific research. The main tasks of the course are to make students know the basic concepts of heat transfer, understand the description and characteristics of heat transfer, and grasp analysis methods and calculation of heat transfer. After studying systemic knowledge, students are expected to raise their abilities to get knowledge and analyze and estimate engineering cases. The main contents of the course include the basic concepts of heat transfer, heat-conduction equation, steady heat-conduction, transient heat-conduction, numerical solution of heat-conduction, mechanism of heat convection, forced convection, natural convection, boiling and condensation, basis of thermal radiation, radiant heat transfer and heat exchanger, etc.