20L308Q Finite Element Method and Application

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Specialty Major Course/ Specialty Elective Course; Specialty: Machinery Design and Manufacturing and Its Automation (Locomotive Professional), Machinery Design and Manufacturing and Its Automation; Prerequisite: Mechanics of Material)
This course is a professional technical course for students majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Vehicle Engineering which involves the analysis of mechanical parts and structural bearings. It is the theoretical and practical course containing numerical analysis of structural strength, stiffness, and other issues of complex mechanical engineering. By learning this course, students can understand and master the basic theoretical knowledge, such as the finite element methods, the principles and theoretical system and so on; master the basic using methods of ANSYS software and practical methods of structural analysis; and comprehend domestic and foreign classic examples.
Through studying the above-mentioned topics, the students can get more profound understanding of the methods of numerical analysis, so that the capability of analyzing the mechanical parts and structural strength can be improved from the simple to the general. After learning the course, students can improve their capability to face the graduating design which includes the mechanical and structural design and analysis and then lay a good foundation for future career and manufacturing work.