20L408Q Digital Control Systems (B)

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Course Category: Specialty Elective Course; Specialty: Mechanical Engineering (International Class); Prerequisite: Automatic Control Theory, Microcontroller and Interface Technique, Matlab (Recommended))
This course is specialty elective course for Mechanical Engineering and Automation international class of School of Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering. It mainly teaches z-Transform analysis method of linear discrete systems; design concepts of digital PID controller, deadbeat system, minimum sum of squared errors system and so on; design of complex control rules system such as pure delay (Dahlin+Smith predictive algorithm), series control, feed forward-feedback control, de-coupling control and so on, and design concept of fuzzy logic control system.
Students successfully completing this course will understand and master the basic design methods of digital control system (linear discrete control system), learn to design and simulate a real industrial digital control system by Matlab/Simulink via experiments, class discussion, and simulation assignments, and be able to analyze and design an actual primary control system so as to lay a good foundation for other specialty courses, Final Year Project and further studying abroad.