20L314Q Optimum Mechanical Design

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Course Category: Specialty Elective Course; Specialty: Mechanical Engineering and Automation; Prerequisites: Calculus (B) , Geometry and Algebra (B), Computer Language, Mechanics of Materials, Mechanical Design)
This course is a specialty elective course for mechanical engineering and automation majors. The basic ideas and methods are optimal design of mechanical structure using computer. Its task is to enable students to master basic ideas and methods of computer mechanical structural optimization design, introduce various methods of mechanical optimization design, and develop students’ skills of computer optimization. It focuses on elaborating theoretical contents and interrelations of various optimization methods, mastery of ideas to solve problems, and students’ capability of applying theory to solving real problems by computer programming.
The course mainly includes: introduction, mathematical basis of optimal design, commonly used one-dimensional optimization method, basic multidimensional unconstrained optimization methods and constrained optimization methods, preliminary multi-objective optimization methods and the application of optimization methods in mechanical design.