40L336Q Intermediate Macroeconomics

(3 Credits, 48 Hours; Course Category: Specialty Major Course; Specialty: Economics, Finance; Prerequisites: Principles of Economics, Econometrics)
Macroeconomics is one of the main courses for the students major in economics or finance. The course is designed to provide students with a unified framework that can be used to analyze macroeconomic issues such as growth, productivity, labor markets, wages, business cycles, inflation, money, interest rates, monetary and fiscal policy, etc. The course is a mixture of macro theory and real world applications, so by learning macroeconomics, students' theoretical knowledge of macroeconomics, as well as the ability to solve practical problems can reach a certain height.
Intermediate Macroeconomics is a Specialty Major Courses for students who major in Economics and Finance. Through the study of this course, the students will have certain level of theoretical quality of macro-economics and practical research ability. They will master the ways of thinking of macro economics, and the ability to use mathematics tools to present, analyze, solve macro-economic problems and express their macro-economic ideas, be able to read economic papers and classical literature of intermediate difficulty, and explain the macro-economic phenomena around us by using the theories, and be able to write standard economic papers. This course will lay a solid foundation of economics for the students.