40L373Q Strategic Management

(3 Credits, 48 Hours; Course Category: Specialty Major Course; Specialty: Business Administration, Marketing, Logistics Management, Information Management; Prerequisite: Principles of Management t; Principles of Economics)
It is a compulsory course for Business Administration majors. The mission of the course is to master the basic concepts, methods and tools of strategic management for undergraduate students. The objective is to make students more skilled in charting long-term direction of different enterprises, thinking totally and strategically.
This course is designed to help students deeply realize the importance of strategy for the development of enterprise. Students will be called on to evaluate all aspects of a company’s external and internal situation. Likewise, students have to learn how to make mission, vision and strategy for different companies. This course is designed to improve student’s ability of strategy-making and execution.
Main contents of this course include: business mission, vision and objective; the external assessment; the internal assessment; business strategy; corporate strategy; merger, acquisition and alliance strategies; strategies for competing in globalizing markets; corporate culture; strategy analysis and choice; strategy implementation; strategy evaluation and control.