40L372Q Marketing

(3 Credits, 48 Hours; Course Category: Specialty Major Course, Main Course of Business Administration; Specialty: All kinds of Specialty in School of Economics and Management; Prerequisite: None)
Marketing is one of the basic compulsory courses for undergraduates of all kinds of specialty in School of Economics and Management. It is also a main course for implementation of research-oriented teaching. This course is an important fundament for subsequent courses related to management and works of enterprise management in the future.
This course will cultivate students’ logic thinking and discrimination ability. And help them to set up a proper concept of operation and management, to establish a standardized, scientific enterprise management decision-making level. And make the students to be more competent in business decision-making and management in all walks of life.
This course mainly focuses on the core concept of Marketing, market research, environmental analysis, consumer buying behavior, market segmentation, target market selection, market positioning, and marketing mix decision-making based on market positioning. By systematically learning, students will be able to understand how to create value for customers, and master market operation means, ability and logical thinking quality to get long-term customer loyalty and profits from customers.