40L245Q Management Information System

(3credits, 48 hours; Specialty Course/ Specialty Basic Course, Specialty Major Course; Applicable Specialties: all kinds of specialties of School of Economics and Management; prerequisite: Fundamentals of Computer, Principles of Management, Visual Basic Programming)
This course is a basic course which is opened for all kinds of specialties of School of Economics and Management. It is a required and main course for undergraduates in School of Economics and Management.
This course is used in "the research teaching" mode and "problem-based" learning method, which make students analysis and solve problems from the view of the application system and think organizational problems from the perspective of information systems. At the same time, they can cultivate students' overall understanding of management information systems.
Focuses on: the concept of management, information, system and management information system and the relationship among them; the development tools of management information system: hardware, software, databases and networks; applications of management information system: development modes and development methods of management information system; focus on a structured development methodology, including system planning, system analysis, system design, system implementation, system maintenance and evaluation.