A0L235Q Introduction to Software Engineering Major

( 1 Credit, 16 Hours; Course Category: Basic Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisite: None)
“Introduction to Software Engineering Major” is the core course, as well as the introducing course for the freshmen of Software Engineering majors. The following five parts are covered in the course:
1) Software and Software Engineering: introducing software, software engineering, their basic concepts and components, features, classification, crisis, software engineering, ten phases of software lifecycle, etc.;
2) Knowledge Structure of Software Engineering: introducing software like SWEBOK, SE2004 and CDIO, to equip the students with the knowledge of the field and discipline development;
3) Training Software Talents: including problem analysis, introduction to key factors and goals, approaches to software talents training in the international teaching and learning environment to cultivate the students to become qualified international software engineers;
4) Software Industry: including the introduction to global and Chinese software marketplace and demands of software talents, etc., to inform the students about the development and talent demands of the software industry;
5) Visit the Software Company: to learn the cut-edge techniques and the experience in real working environment.
By the end of this course, students will be able to
1) learn the systematic knowledge structure in software engineering;
2) understand the concepts of software and software engineering;
3) go through the training of international software talents;
4) learn about the development of the software industry and the demands of talents;
5) gain some perceptual knowledge in the real working environment.