A0L250Q Large-scale Database Application

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Course Category: Elective Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisites: Database System, Basic Programming, Practice in Programming and Computer Applications, Object-oriented Programming and Design, Practice in Object-oriented and Interactive Application Development, Comprehensive Practice of Database Application)
As a professional elective course for Software Engineering majors, the course aims at teaching the students to understand the structure and the methods of memory management, safety management, backups and recovery for Oracle which is the most popular large database system, the ways of object management, manipulation, control and tuning. It teaches the students to master managing and manipulating and controlling objects by the statements of DDL, DML, DCL in SQL, writing, testing and calling storage procedure, function, package and database trigger by PL/SQL, opening and closing database, managing tablespace, Rollback segment, user, authority, resource, making backup and recovering and tuning database.
Goals of the course:
1. Master the structures and methods of backups and recovery for Oracle.
2. Master the methods of tuning for Oracle.
3. Master the language of PL/SQL and application for Oracle.
4. Master connecting JDBC and database in kinds of languages.
5. Improve the ability of database application and practical operation.
6. Improve the ability of analyzing and solving problems.
7. Lay the solid foundation for the study about professional successor courses of software engineering and development of large and complex database application project through this course.