A0L252Q JavaEE Frameworks and Application

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Course Category: Elective Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisites: Object-oriented Programming and Design, Database System, JSP, JDBC, Servlet)
The course is an elective course targeted for juniors majoring in Software Engineering. With the knowledge from the previous courses, the students will go on learning the development techniques of JavaEE framework and the JavaEE Web application design and acquire the ability of developing the application systems based on the JavaEE framework.
The kernel of the course is Java EE Web application development. It focuses on Struts2 Framework, Hibernate Framework, and Spring Framework. After finishing the course, the students are expected to reach the following goals.
To develop JavaEE Web applications.
To understand software design ideas and principles, the architectures of JavaEE frameworks, and apply them to the actual project development.
To master software architecture patterns and design patterns, and flexibly to apply them to the development of software projects.
To deeply comprehend the multilayer architecture and loose coupling principle advocated by JavaEE platform and to apply it in the development of software projects.