A0L257Q Distributed Computing

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Course Category: Elective Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisite: A0L237Q Object-oriented Programming)
This is designed for the third year students as a technical elective course. With the growth of applications via internet and cloud computing, our computing environment is more and more focusing on the net-centric computing. Distributed computing, which is distinct from the communication and network, provides a higher level of abstraction to deal with the programming paradigms, toolkits and protocols and standards in the context of net-centric computing.
In a field as wide as the distributed computing, it is impossible for one course to cover all the disciplines and topics, therefore this course is designed for undergraduate students to understand the basic principles of the distributed computing, focusing on the upper layers of the net-centric computing, specifically on distributed paradigms and incorporating both theoretical and practical topics to enable the learn-by-doing approach.