A0L258Q Service Oriented Architecture

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Course Category: Elective Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisite: A0L128Q System analysis and design)
This is designed for the third year students as a technical elective course. In this course, we will introduce the service oriented architecture from both an architectural and development perspective. We will learn the concepts as well as the principles and patterns of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and also the implementation of these principles and patterns in a modern SOA platform. In particular, we will cover the principles of service oriented analysis and design, second generation web service standards, enterprise service bus (ESB) functionality and web service orchestration using the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). More specifically, from this course, we will learn to,
Design and apply modern SOA —specific methodologies, technologies and standards;
Evaluate and analyze an organization to map it as a "set of services";
Develop service architectures using the Service-Oriented Modeling Framework (SOMF);
Convert logical designs into specifications to drive any development environment;
Orchestrate services to create new applications by leveraging SOA.

A hand-on exercise with programming activities using SOA tools will also be included in this course. So that the students will be able to get the first hand experience of,
Mapping an organization as a set of services;
Driving service design from business requirements;
Modeling the SOA messages from business use cases;
Orchestrating services in SOA to create new applications;
Designing composite services by applying the optimal composition style.