A0L259Q .NET Framework and Application

(2 Credits, 32 Hours; Course Category: Elective Course; Specialty: Software Engineering; Prerequisite: Program Design Basis, Object Oriented Programming, Operating System, Database, Computer Network)
.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large library and provides language interoperability across several programming languages. This course will cover various aspects of .NET knowledge to help students use skillfully VSTS to develop wonderful applications.
The main contents include the basic concepts of the .NET framework, C # grammar, object-oriented design, ADO.NET, XML processing, and Windows Form Programming, GDI drawing, ASP.NET, Web services, file and registry operation, and Windows phone APP development, etc.
This course emphasizes on practice. Students will complete at least 5 typical .NET applications as the homework and complete one .NET enterprise application as the final project. In addition to the .NET programming, the students will learn how to design .NET application architecture at the enterprise level.